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Sunshine, music and letting go. There’s nothing quite like a festival to bring everyone together. But whilst it’s common to only think about what you’re going to wear, jewellery can play an equally important part.

Get inspired with some festival jewellery styles that can make your outfit pop day or night with our festival jewellery guide.

Layer, layer, layer

It’s the oldest boho festival jewellery trick in the book, and that’s because it works. Layering your jewellery is the easiest way to get that effortless boho look where jewellery takes centre stage.

Layered necklaces

A popular approach is wearing layered pendants, one short in length and one long in length. They don’t need to be matching in style, anything goes!

This look accessorises the decolletage. It works on any kind of neckline - open neck or high neck too. If you are wearing a plain colour, the pendants will add a contrast of shape, texture and tone.

For example, our handmade small Agonda silver pendant can be worn layered with its larger version for the perfect layered pairing. Ideal summer pieces that always catch the sun. 

Express Yourself with Handmade Festival Jewellery

Tired of samey high street styles?

Handmade festival jewellery carries a uniqueness and a story within it that adds character and depth to your outfit in a way that factory-made jewellery just can’t.

Shopping handmade helps you find one of a kind jewellery that has been made by skilled artisans all over the world using age-old techniques. That means the quality and craftsmanship are high and there is no risk of bumping into anyone with the same jewellery.

We opt for high quality 925 sterling silver or 9ct gold vermeil jewellery that will survive many festivals, not just one. It’s investing in your festival jewellery styles in a different, and often more ethical way.

Stacked Rings and Bracelets

When it comes to festivals and stacking the answer is always yes. Breath new life into your festival look with handmade boho pieces that bounce off each other whether on your wrist, ears, hands or toes.

Stacked Bracelets

Not only a festival must, stacked bracelets, or bangles as they are usually called create that easy, free movement on the body that matches the festival spirit.

And fyi all our bracelets are adjustable to size because we know our customers aren’t one size fits all.

For example our Agonda gold hammered bracelets layered up the wrist with a tan will really set off your look as well as reflect those rays.

Stacked Rings

This boho look is a classic when it comes to festival chic. Our interpretation offers a mixture of skinny, chunky, textured, polished, statement or subtle looks for your hands.

It’s really down to personal taste as to which rings should be worn but we find statement rings on the thumbs and skinnies on the little fingers are a great start. Check out our stacking rings for inspiration.

Stacked Earrings

No festival jewellery guide would be complete without stacked earrings getting a mention. We’re talking huggies – the little hoop earrings that sit snug to your ear – all the way up your ears (read more on huggies).

Get experimental or minimal, but the beauty of huggies is that once they are in, you forget they are there! 

Stacked Toe Rings

It isn’t just hands that get to dressed up with festival jewellery, toes can to! If you’ve got some open toed shoes why not wear multiple rings on different toes across both feet for the ultimate boho traveller look?

Look like you’ve just stepped off the plane with our adjustable toe ring sets in 925 sterling silver, handmade in Indonesia. Festivals tend to get pretty hot, so the adjustable cuff-like feature really helps when your toes get hot and expand a little.

Change shoes for night time dancing and concentrating on another area to celebrate your boho festival jewellery.


When don’t hoops look good? Whether it’s big statement hoops, chunky small ones or huggies, hoops are a festival jewellery must. They are also very versatile and can work with nearly every outfit.

We have a wide range of hoops to mix and match with your festival wardrobe. For a textured, glowy gold look our 14ct gold vermeil creole hoop earrings are just the thing. And sterling silver hoops always bring the shine as a nice contrast.

Word of advice, stick to smaller hoops and huggies if you plan on dancing like a crazy person at night – no one wants to catch and pull them by accident! Save your statement hoops for day wear then switch them up at night. 


A little goes a long way in the silver, gold and mixed metal jewellery world. Using tried and tested cleaning techniques alongside storing your pieces (ideally separately) in a dry jewellery box or fabric, closeable bags will help to keep tarnish and dirt at bay.

All in all…

With so many festival jewellery looks to choose from you can wear some or all of them to suit your taste. You can mix your metals all day long, wear different jewellery for day and night and even wear toe rings with your day shoes and cover them up at night for a fresh and practical approach to festival jewellery.

Experiment and have fun!

Do you love festival jewellery? What are your must haves? Let us know in the comments below.




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