What are huggie hoop earrings & how do I wear them?

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Huggie earrings are increasingly popular with those who like stylish and minimal everyday jewellery. But what are huggies exactly? And how do they differ from regular earrings?

Let’s find out.

What are huggie earrings?

Huggie earrings take their name from their design. Most often they consist of small, metal hoops that ‘hug’ the ear, very close to the earlobe. They are also known as huggie hoop earrings.  

Huggies are designed with two different back closures, lever or hinged back (latch) closings.

How do I wear huggie earrings?

Wearers tend to put in one pair in their lobes for an understated, minimal look or stack them in various ear piercings up the ear for more of a layered boho look.

What is the difference between hoop earrings and huggie hoop earrings?

As discussed, huggies are a type of small hoop earring that hug closely to your earlobe. 

Hoop earrings can be a variety of sizes but they never measure as close to the ear as huggies do. Hoops range as much in hoop diameter as they do in design. From big statement hoops like our extra large hammered hoops with a 6cm hoop diameter to ourextra small hammered hoops, with a 1.5cm hoop diameter, the distance from the earlobe is always greater than with huggie hoop earrings.

Huggie hoop earrings also range in diameter but their range is much smaller. Some can be as small as 5mm, fitting totally flush against the skin. Our Tanna huggie hoops have a 10mm hoop diameter to ensure they are wearable for all of our customers.

This size also takes into consideration when certain parts of our body carry extra water or expand slightly when we’re hot and/or in a hot country.

Our coming-soon range of 925 sterling silver and 9k gold vermeil huggies will measure around 7-8mm so will fit neatly in the ear and be the ideal travel companion for no hassle earrings.

Huggie hoop earrings tend to have a lever or hinged back (latch) closing. They don’t have butterfly backs or screw backs as it is a little fiddly given their size. Huggies are all about putting them in and blissfully forgetting they are there.

Are huggie earrings and ear cuffs the same thing? No, for a few reasons.

  • Ear cuffs do not require an ear piercing - huggies do.
  • To be worn, ear cuffs are pushed onto the ear and adjusted as needed. Their open cuff design grips around the flesh of the ear. Huggies clip into place with back closures.
  • Ear cuffs tend to be worn in piercings further up the ear than just the lobe. Huggie earrings can be worn almost anywhere in the ear and are not limited to one or two places.

What are the benefits of huggie earrings?

  • It’s near impossible to catch them on your clothes as you take them off as they are so close to your skin.
  • You can’t lose the backs (something we all know too well).
  • They can make as big, or as small of a statement as you want - worn as one pair or multiple stacked pairs.
  • Huggies are lightweight so no dragging down of your upper ear or earlobe. 
  • It’s possible to wear huggies for a longer period of time than studs or hoops (we aren’t recommending constant wear without cleaning, but if you are off travelling they are the kind of earring you travel in and sleep in due to their size). 
  • Easy to clean.
  • Aquila Jewellery’s silver and gold huggie hoop earrings are hypoallergenic which makes for happy ears.

Which ear piercings can huggies go in?

Typically used in the ear lobe, huggies can also be used in the tragus (located in front of the ear canal), the helix (at the top of the ear) or in the forward helix (the top front part of the ear).

How do you clean huggie earrings?

Like any precious metal piece of jewellery, a little bit of upkeep and cleaning along the way will make a big impact on each piece’s appearance – and life span.Take a look at our cleaning guide for sterling silver and gold earrings for quick, actionable advice.

Aquila’s Huggie Hoops

Currently we have two sets of huggies in our Tanna collection (with more soon to come). First is the 925 sterling silver hoop huggies. These 925 sterling silver hoops are popular for that minimal, clean look (which pair particularly well with a tropical tan). They are also a fave of our founder Stacey who loves rocking them on her travels.

Next are our 9ct gold vermeil huggie hoops. Strong and simple to put in, you can sleep peacefully next time you’re on a beach knowing you won’t need to sift through the sand trying to fit your earring backs.

We're also pleased to show some of our new collections dropping in June - just in time for summer!

How much do you love huggies? Let us know in the comments below.

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