Holiday and Summer Time Jewellery

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Holidays and summer time. Two things in life that everyone adores. Who doesn’t love hot weather, lighter evenings and rediscovering their summer wardrobe?

And with that new wardrobe comes more skin on show and a prime opportunity to experiment with your secret warm weather style weapon – summer time jewellery.

Summer time is a time of year where we can really experiment and express ourselves through not only our clothes but our jewellery choices too. And what better way to show our unique tastes than with unique handmade jewellery, with a story.

Let’s take a look at some popular summer time jewellery choices that always bring feel-good, sunny vibes.

Chunky statement rings

Chunky statement rings stand out as a fun summer choice as our arms and hands are often out and uncovered in the warmer summer temperatures. As a result, jewellery can take centre stage.

Statement pieces are useful for those who don’t want to be draped in too much jewellery. Choosing some larger statement rings act as a complete jewellery look – after all no one wants fussy, complicated jewellery when they are out enjoying hot weather.

A handmade ring with unique detailing made from high quality precious metals is a good option because it is built to last. With some regular upkeep and maintenance it will last many, many more summers and holidays to come.

Meet our Mandalay mixed metal saddle ring which displays golden 14ct gold vermeil metal and the lustre of polished 925 sterling silver. It’s the ideal addition to a boho summer look.

Not only that, it’s so unique to look at you can guarantee you won’t bump into anyone wearing the same – even on holiday.

The beauty of handmade rings by skilled artisans such as ours in India and Indonesia is the story you inherit through the design and craftsmanship.

With techniques passed down through generations and designs symbolic of their native culture and trades, handmade statement rings can bring real inspiration for travel and exploration into your summer jewellery collection.


Layered necklaces

It’s a look many go to for their summer time jewellery. Two or three pendants or necklaces of varying lengths worn on bare skin or over a T shirt giving the illusion of one necklace with several cord lengths and pendant charms in its design.

Precious metal layered necklaces bring a reflective, glowing quality to your look, just what summer time jewellery needs.

Remember if you’re planning on swimming, remove all your jewellery so there is no chance of any chemical reactions from your metal jewellery when it comes into contact with moisture - no one wants a green mark on their skin when they take their jewellery off!


Cuff Bracelets

Warm weather usually brings about lightweight bangles of different metals, beaded and fabric bracelets in a spectrum of colours.

But cuff bracelets always offer more comfort in hot conditions when we may find our extremities expand a little in the heat as they are adjustable to fit and have some give.

Go rustic with mixed metal, glow with gold or shine with silver. Our bracelet selection offers not only stackable, minimal bracelets but more ornate options that can be worn on their own, as a statement piece.


Huggies are a great option for summer time jewellery and holidays. They are versatile, practical due to their size, easy to put (and keep in) due to their hinged back closure, and they can culminate in a beautifully boho stacked look in other piercings up the ear.

If you’re planning on traveling or going on holiday in the summer, huggies are also a great go to. They fit snugly and comfortably to the ear so if you do find yourself forgetting to take them off at night, it isn’t the end of the world.

Often, people wear huggies due to their subtle appearance, making them ideal summer and holiday accessories for a night out or a day on the beach. With everyone tending to wear brighter colours, more prints and more daring cuts in hotter weather, having some minimal jewellery can be a nice pairing to offset your overall look.

Our huggies collection come in both 14ct gold vermeil and 925 sterling silver are an example of unique, handmade earrings that stand out all summer long, despite their size. 

Take the Mazunte silver V point huggies. These may be small but their design and shape make for a big impact. These are popular because of their quirky appearance, lightweight form and effortless wearability.


Anklets are a nice decorative way to embrace summer time jewellery in a rarely shown place. Make the most of shorts, skirts, cropped trousers and whatever else you wear in warm weather and accessorise your ankles – gold and silver anklets look gorgeous with a tan.


All in all…

Summertime and holidays are the perfect time to dig out your statement pieces you had hidden away and give them centre stage. It’s also a great time to introduce the layering of your necklaces to bring more length and depth to a summer outfit.

Don’t forget, summertime is about feeling free and light - go for comfy huggies and bracelet cuffs that have a little give, the last thing you or your body wants is to feel restricted.

Go on, have fun pairing jewellery and your warm weather look to suit your individual style!


Do you have summer time and holiday jewellery faves? Let us know in the comments below.

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