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Who is Aquila Jewellery?

Based in Brighton, UK. Aquila Jewellery is a story of travel, meets unique handmade jewellery; a collection of intricately designed rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and toe rings, inspired by life’s journeys.
"Each collection is inspired by a place that I have visited or lived in for a short time, which has led to an emotional connection. I want to celebrate and capture travel and dreams of adventure, and special milestones that people can relate to. Whether it be a token of love, a special celebration, a marker of success or recognition of friendship" Stacey Hodkinson - Owner
During her travels a few years ago, our founder Stacey, stumbled across a group of silversmiths and their families working together to produce jewellery for a local market. They were using a traditional Indonesian technique called Jawan, which she soon grew to adore.
The elders of the family seemed to be teaching the younger generation their skills as they worked away in the afternoon sun. It was perfect - lovingly made jewellery, made by Indonesian natives, from their humble workplaces, also known as their homes. Not a factory in sight, churning out identical products en masse, nor cheap materials likely to turn fingers green.
It was at that point, in a dusty village in Indonesia, that Aquila Jewellery was born.
Jewellery inspired by travel, inspired by life’s journeys.


"These rings have so much personality I feel like they show people more of who I am. Incredible quality, gorgeous design, & unique, I love how they stand out from lots of jewellery companies who are all doing similar stuff. I've had loads of compliments already. 10/10"

Charlotte, Devon