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After the success of Aquila Jewellery’s handmade jewellery collections, our founder Stacey decided to return to the dusty village in Indonesia where it all began to garner inspiration for new pieces and delve back into the heart of the brand.

The result is many of our new products display the traditional Indonesian jewellery-making techniques and designs so important to our roots, but also some very different and exciting pieces that expand our collections further across the globe.

The inspiration behind our new handmade jewellery

It was important to Stacey not to lose sight of what Aquila is as a brand. Why it was made. And for who. To remember the pieces are travel-inspired, created by artisans with their own regionally native techniques.

And also to keep at Aquila’s core that each piece is uniquely sentimental, like an ode to the world around us. So, it was fitting to return to Indonesia, to take in the very culture that inspired Aquila itself and to sit down with our artisans face to face.

With the lush, tropical spread of nature, ornate architecture of temples, embellished local crafts and colourful sculptures, finding inspiration wasn’t difficult - it was knowing when to stop!

Thankfully, just the right amount of inspiration flowed and resulted in the beautiful handmade pieces that can now be yours.

Introducing: Palawan 

Palawan is a mixed metal collection, handmade in Indonesia featuring many traditional jewellery making techniques such as jawan, oxidation and both dot and fine filigree work

The name Palawan comes from the geologically and ecologically diverse landscapes of Palawan island, Philippines. Formed of half desert and half jungles, mountains and beaches it is an island of breathtaking contrast that can only be found in nature.



Palawan Mixed Metal Indonesian Claw Bracelet

This 925 sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil claw bracelet is adjustable to size. Displaying dot work, fine filigree work and jawan techniques this handmade bracelet is a piece that has depth of craftsmanship.

It is ideal as a meaningful gold and silver bracelet gift.

Palawan Mixed Metal Adjustable Rope Bracelet

This mixed metal bracelet is an incredibly detailed piece with such a level of fine craftsmanship that it is hard to believe it has been made by hand. The fine filigree and jawan work are beautifully ornate and filled with the contrast of textured 925 sterling silver and polished 18 ct gold vermeil.

Adjustable with its spring ring clasp and chain it can fit a variety of wrist sizes.

Palawan Mixed Metal Boho Tear Drop Earrings

In our first introduction of tear drop earrings, you can see age-old silversmithing techniques, symmetrical design Indonesian jewellery is famed for and a beautiful contrast between the 9ct gold polished teardrop shape and the ‘cut out’ detail of the jawan work.


The Agonda collection has been with Aquila from the beginning. We now have a large array of choices from hammered gold rings to silver stacking rings, gold bracelets, and silver necklaces.

Agonda Hammered Layered Gold Statement Ring

Also available in 925 sterling silver, this 9ct gold vermeil quadline ring is a new gold addition to the collection, handmade in India by our artisans.

Wear alone or alongside gold stacking rings across your hands for a unique boho look. Perfect for those that want a chunky ring without the clunk.

Agonda Gold Trio Drop Earrings

These 9ct gold trio drop earrings are a gorgeous addition to the Agonda collection. Carrying the standard hammering technique they reflect the light in their indented pockets, always reminding us of the sands of our favourite Goan beach.


Even more new collections…


Introducing: Sagano

We’ve gone all the way to Japan to name our latest bamboo inspired collection, which takes its name from the thick bamboo forest of Sagano, found outside of Kyoto city, Japan.

Sagano Large Silver Bamboo Hoop Earrings

These 925 sterling silver hoops are hand-carved on both sides to represent the nodes of a bamboo culm and carry a quiet peacefulness in their simplistic design.

Introducing: Mazunte

Another exciting new collection is Mazunte, named after Mazunte town, Mexico, a mixing pot of contemporary and historic boho culture.

Created by our skilled artisans in India, these 9ct gold vermeil v point huggies are the perfect addition to your quirky boho jewellery collection with their interesting shape and ridged texture.

All in all…

As you can see we have many pieces which align with the traditional aesthetic of Aquila Jewellery. But we also have many new pieces including those you can find on our site or in store that tell new stories as we gather up fresh locations in the world to lust over.


Do you love our new collections? Which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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