The Aquila Jewellery Team - Who are we?

Stacey Hodkinson


Longtime dreamer of a nomadic lifestyle, regular traveler and bespoke jewellery collector. Stacey always appreciates the simple things in life and takes great pleasure in sharing her jewellery discoveries in her shop.

She runs the day to day operations of the company and is responsible for overall production, website and shop sales, supplier relationships and creative direction. She even makes the odd piece of jewellery herself!


Clare Perez-Izaguirre Lopez


Statement jewellery enthusiast, unusual travel destination pin-pointer and cat lover. Clare is responsible for the wealth of our content and understands the Aquila Jewellery brand voice like no other.


Ricky Lucas

Digital Marketing Manager

Ricky is our marketing guru who has a demonstrated history of working across multiple verticals for a range of leading brands and SME’s. He is also CIM (Charted Institute of Marketing) & DMI (Digital Marketing Institute) qualified.


Bridget Palmer

Assistant Manager

Bringing a mountain of creativity and vibrancy to the Brighton shop is local girl Bridget, who changes hair colour like she changes her socks! If you need any help with sizes or gift ideas pop in and she'll be more than willing to have a chat (and if you want to talk about horror films she is also keen).


Aquila's Silversmiths & Goldsmiths

Alongside our own creative input, we are very lucky to work with some of the most highly skilled silversmiths and goldsmiths located in Indonesia and Thailand. A small team of people in each country manage the production process for us, from taking our brief and creating samples, to producing our pieces and shipping them over to us, sometimes within a very quick turnaround!

They are highly reliable, extremely conscientious and unrivaled when it comes to the quality of their workmanship. We are really grateful to be able to collaborate and include their local techniques within our designs.

Want to see where our silversmiths work? Or how they work? Head to About Us.