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The Aquila Jewellery Team - Who are we?

Stacey Hodkinson


Longtime dreamer of a nomadic lifestyle, regular traveller and bespoke jewellery collector. Stacey always appreciates the simple things in life and takes great pleasure in sharing her jewellery discoveries on her shop.

She runs the day to day operations of the company and is responsible for overall production, marketing and asset creation, supplier relationships, store partnerships and financial management.


Clare Perez-Izaguirre Copywriter

Statement jewellery enthusiast, unusual travel destination pinpointer and cat lover. Clare is responsible for the wealth of our content and understands the Aquila Jewellery brand voice like no other.


Jessica Hodkinson

PR Expert & Content Strategist

Our resident fashionista, Jessica is the trendiest person we know - she also has the coolest cat. She brings a stack of online marketing expertise to Aquila, from blogger outreach to social media strategy. Jessica is Stacey’s sister - it’s always nice to keep it in the family!


Amy Clarke

Graphic Designer

A green fingered beauty with an undeniable penchant for plants! Amy is a very talented graphic designer with experience in digital, print, UX and web design. She has a keen eye for intricate illustration and is the perfect person to shape Aquila’s overall look.


Aquila's Silversmiths

We are very lucky to work with some of the most highly skilled silversmiths located in Indonesia. A small team of people manage the orders, produce samples and generate Aquila’s orders within a very quick turnaround!

They are highly reliable, extremely conscientious and unrivalled when it comes to the quality of their workmanship. Aquila Jewellery are proud to work with them!


And last but not least, our furry friend Rufus the Ragdoll.

Without his expertise in the jewellery sector, we would simply not exist. 

 The Aquila Jewellery Team