Your Party Season Jewellery Styling Guide

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Whether you’re planning on wearing a bold Christmas jumper, sparkly sequins or a classic little black dress, our party season styling guide offers the perfect jewellery to bring those festive party vibes —  with a handmade twist. 

Ever thought about handmade jewellery to add uniqueness to your party season style?

Here’s why you should…

  • The unique designs and textures mean you won’t bump into anyone wearing the same (crisis averted)
  • With handmade jewellery you can inherit cultural legacies and generational techniques in every piece
  • Artisans use high quality precious metals and expert craftmanship resulting in jewellery that lasts many more than one Christmas
  • For our brand, Aquila Jewellery, each piece of jewellery is travel-inspired and comes complete with a sentimental story (hello party conversation starter)

Your Party Season Jewellery Styling Guide

For the Little Black Dress

We’ve all got a faithful LBD somewhere in our wardrobe and party season is the perfect time to bring it back out. Whether long-sleeved or sleeveless a little black dress offers the perfect solid colour contrast against festive necklaces.

Go for gold with a pretty pendant like the Hella Gold Pendant. Inspired by the twinkly stars that sparkle in the winter skies in Hella, Iceland. This 14ct gold vermeil necklace is a top choice for those who like subtle festive jewellery (and it doesn’t get more Christmassy than Iceland in winter).

Alternatively, a more intricate pendant with mixed metals could be a nice way to style a simple dress. The 925 sterling silver and 14ct gold vermeil Palawan Pendant brings all the ornate glory of a snowflake with the eye-catching gleam of a golden bauble.

For a festive boho look that flatters and elongates your decolletage, try layering your necklaces as recommended by Ourculturemag. It’s a versatile way of mixing old and new jewellery and creating texture to your overall look.

Tip: Higher types of necklines like jewel, halter, bateau and high neck are the best choice when it comes to a little black dress that covers your decolletage, thus enhancing the impact of your chain and pendant.

The Christmas Jumper

Let’s be honest, Christmas jumpers are all reds, golds, greens, patterns and embellishments, so chances are your necklace and/or bracelet might get lost in a sea of festive fabric.

In that case, why not choose dangle earrings for your party jewellery?

Elegant, fun and just that little bit dressy, dangle earrings are a wonderful festive jewellery choice, particularly when they look like the Trio Drop Agonda Earrings.

These 925 sterling silver earrings are hand hammered by expert artisans to create little indentations all over the metal. When the light catches them they shimmer beautifully, Also available in glowing gold.

Alternatively the lovely Mandalay Mixed Metal Drop Earrings add even more fine craftsmanship to your festive jewellery look.

These earrings include polished gold and silver for a sparkly, light reflective look and intricate Jawan dot work with oxidised silver background for maximum contrast of textures.

Drop earrings bring some movement to your outfit too. Don’t forget to give them a quick clean regularly to keep them looking shiny for many more parties.

Tip: Wearing your hair up is the best way to show off drop earrings. It doesn’t need to be a finely coiffed ‘do, just a simple top knot allows the earrings to do their thing.

A minimal outfit

If you are someone who likes to keep things minimal, your party season styling will probably be pared back and refined.

Cue mix and match pieces from the popular Agonda collection which comes in 925 sterling silver and 14ct gold vermeil. With its hand hammered texture and simple design, it’s a collection where you can wear one, two or three pieces alongside your party outfit.

Tip: For a truly minimal take, stick to one precious metal to highlight its beauty. Go for gold or silver as your main precious metal focus.

The sparkly look

It may be sequins, glitter or both in this year's party season styling. Sparkly clothes always catch the eye so it may be that you are someone who enjoys statement jewellery too.

If that’s the case, why not go all in with some unique ring shapes and designs?

Perhaps something like the Eliya mixed metal ring might light up your party.

Tip: Stick to one statement ring on each hand so that each piece can have the space to shine.

Silver and gold bangles

Got a loud outfit and want some jewellery to tone it down? Try some hand-hammered bangles and bracelets on for size.


This thin gold 14ct vermeil bracelet is a great choice for party season. It has a unique irregular shape, displaying a look you won't see on any other party goer.

Also available in silver!

Tip: These are best worn with sleeveless tops and dresses for a little festive low-key glam, though can be worn over long sleeves.

All in all…

From pretty pendants to festive drop earrings, minimal pieces and beyond, we hope you’ve found some party season jewellery tips to help you style your party looks, your way. 

Do you have a favourite piece of festive party jewellery? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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