5 New Jewellery Trends in 2023

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Jewellery in 2023 isn’t just about what to wear and how to wear it - it’s about where it comes from.

This year, not only are jewellery trends changing but customer trends are too. In 2023 jewellery lovers don’t just want beautiful jewellery they want authenticity. They also care about the materials being used and the supply chain.

Welcome to jewellery trends in 2023. The year where both jewellery trends and the industry itself are changing.


We’re happy to say that handmade jewellery will be a strong jewellery trend this year according to style bible Vogue.

Customers are becoming more and more invested in pieces that have been lovingly laboured over by skilled artisans. They are appreciating the uniqueness that comes with jewellery that hasn’t been factory made and distributed en masse.

Each piece of handmade jewellery comes with a timeless quality, a story, and a sentimentality that high street jewellery simply doesn’t. Cue customers searching for statement pieces with an artisanal stamp and a quality that endures.

We never miss an opportunity to celebrate handmade jewellery in all its glory. Our travel-inspired jewellery range is a testament to what can happen when hand held tools, expert artisans and generational techniques come together.

2.Chunky Gold

That’s right, chunky gold pieces are one of the hottest top 5 jewellery trends in 2023. But before you start fretting over how you are going to afford this look on a budget, consider getting creative with your approach.

Swap some jewellery pieces with a friend for some fresh looks. Head to charity shops, vintage stalls and second-hand marketplaces.

Layer multiple necklaces you already own to create the illusion of one thick one. Stack rings on one finger for maximum impact, or find unique and affordable handmade gold pieces that will shine for longer than just a trend.

Do chunky your way!

3.Pinky Power

Highlighted by Elle as a 2023 trend to watch, the little finger ring is making a strong comeback this year - and we’re not talking signet rings.

Did you know that in the Victorian era women who wore pinky rings used them as a symbol of their intention not to marry? And, during the Suffragettes movement in the early 20th century, women also wore such rings as a declaration of self-worth and self-love?

So for women, the return of the pinky ring in 2023 could mean more than just trends. Silver and gold are in for pinky rings so why not try a subtle band like our skinny Agonda ring for a new look?

4. Big Impact Earrings

We’re talking about long earrings that bring movement and life to a look.

A neat up-do hairstyle plus large gold or silver hoops or dangle earrings will hit the mark. One thing is certain, you can’t go too big!

Another way to wear your earrings is to mismatch them. That means different earrings in each ear.

Alternatively, you can wear a plain stud in one ear and a large earring in the opposite ear and enjoy playing with an asymmetric look.

It’s the playful maximalism of the 80s (leg warmers are up to you).

5. Silver and Recycled Silver

Silver is a versatile choice for jewellery as it can as easily cover an everyday minimalist look as it can a futuristic runway one. It can be mixed with other precious metals as an earthy contrast yet has more than enough lustre to be worn alone.

So, for a jewellery trend that shines in 2023, choose anything from subtle to statement pieces. Ready-to-wear looks are also in, with silver huggies, skinny silver bands and bracelets also keeping the trend looking fresh.

Don’t forget to look out for brands like Aquila Jewellery who use recycled silver to make their silver pieces. Choosing recycled silver has a huge impact on the environment from saving animal and plant lives to reducing CO2 emissions, toxic waste and energy.

It also means customers have the power to shape the industry in more ways than one.

All in all…

It’s fair to say the jewellery trends of 2023 are as much physical as they are social. Experimenting with size, textures, metals and placement will bring some of the latest looks into your everyday jewellery; leaving more than enough room for you to exert your own take on these trends.


Which trend is your favourite? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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