Top 10 handmade jewellery gift ideas for Christmas 2021

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Looking for some handmade jewellery gift inspiration this Christmas? Then look no further. Aquila Jewellery has compiled a gift list to cover all tastes and budgets from eco-friendly cork studs to terrarium gift pendants.

There is something about Christmas that makes us want to find the most extra special gifts we can for our loved ones. A gift as unique as the person we are buying it for. Something different, perhaps with a legacy. As a result, many people decide on handmade gifts for Christmas due to their craftsmanship, personal touch and sentimentality.

1. Beaded Fringe African Earrings by LinaOst

Celebrate the beauty of handmade African jewellery this Christmas with these striking asymmetrical bead fringe earrings, inspired by the African sunset. Using seed beads with a bold animal print, they are statement items for those that are looking for bright new pieces for their colourful wooden jewellery collection. Gorgeous handmade Christmas gift sorted!

2. Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet by FromLesawithLove

For the spiritualist

Honour a loved ones’ spirituality with calming and restorative handmade jewellery. This energy bracelet is made from Angel Aura Quartz crystal beads and has been designed to cleanse the spirit and to help promote balance and letting go. Pre-charged before it is sent to the buyer, the bracelet catches the light when worn, giving off an eye-catching iridescent glow. An ideal Christmas gift for spiritual jewellery wearers.

3. Moss Terrarium Glass Pendant by ValhallaWorks

For the nature lovers

For a truly unique handmade Christmas jewellery gift this beautifully made terrarium could be the one. Reminding us about the raw beauty of nature, each glass pendant consists of dried moss, garnet gemstones and aventurine gemstones with a little cork sealing it all in on the top. The necklace cord is made from organic vegan hemp. Each one is different, so it’s a great way to celebrate your loved ones’ individuality with a little gift from the land.

4. Clay hand rolled pastel necklace by NineAngels

For the minimalist 

When it comes to Christmas jewellery gifts , these pastel coloured, hand rolled clay bead necklaces certainly tick the minimalist box. Perfect for those that live in a capsule black and white wardrobe, this handmade product is unique for all the right reasons. Each necklace comes with its own trio of colours to taste and is finished with 2 vintage wood beads. Tell the lucky recipient to get ready to be asked where the necklace is from regularly.

5. Cork Dot Studs by CubeRootJewellery

For the vegans

Vegan jewellery is no longer hard to find with a huge range of animal-friendly options available to you this Christmas. But finding unique and handmade jewellery takes a little more time. We chose these gorgeous 1cm sustainable Portuguese cork earrings which are 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Ideal for everyday wear, the studs are also made using non toxic eco-friendly glue and PETA-approved Portuguese cork leather for even more vegan thumbs up.

6. Brazilian Contemporary Sustainable Bracelet By FridaKharla

For the eco-friendly  

As we know, recycling is awesome (check out some cool recycled silver facts here) and when jewellery looks cool and unique as well as ticking the recycling box it’s always worth exploring. 

This recycled rubber bracelet is made of both synthetic and natural rubber. It’s a really great handmade Christmas jewellery gift for those who care about the environment who can learn all about the jewellery life process and how nothing goes to waste. On top of that, each laser-cut piece is durable and waterproof which makes it too good to take off, a thoughtful Christmas gift to wear again and again.

7. Solid 9ct Gold ring by Aquila Jewellery

For the boho traveler

Handmade gold rings never go out of fashion. And neither does wander lust! Marry the two with this solid 9ct gold skinny Agonda ring, the ideal ring for those that don’t want to take their jewellery off to shower or wash their hands! Measuring 2.5mm in width and hand-hammered by our skilled artisans, this delicate yet strong ring is a wonderful Christmas gift for the discerning traveler who adores effortless jewellery - with a story.

8. Handmade flower resin earrings by Freyasflowers 

For the flower lover

Gifts don’t get more unique this Christmas than these lilac Bluebell flower earrings. Those that adore flowers will love the intimacy of these items, which are actually picked and pressed from the seller’s own garden! Using either a method of pressing or putting them fresh in epoxy resin, the sentimental touch of these earrings and their story will charm your friends and family.

9. Art Deco painted clay teardrop earrings ​​by WolfPartyJewels

For the Art fan

Got an Art Deco enthusiast you need to buy for? Or just someone who loves colourful, funky prints? Make sure they make a style statement this Christmas with these truly unique handmade teardrop earrings. Every time the polymer clay earrings are made, they vary in size and hence individuality which is one of the great things about handcrafted jewellery.
10. Aquila silver cuff bracelet by Aquila Jewellery

For the sterling silver collector

Our 925 Sterling Silver 4mm bracelet is the essential Christmas handmade jewellery piece for those in your life who appreciate the durability and lustre of well-made sterling silver bracelets. Made to be stackable or worn alone, this elegant and adjustable bracelet has been created using a traditional Indonesian design called Jawan by our artisans. Part of our Koh Lanta collection, its design is based on the rope anchored boats and the beaches of Thailand - a beautiful story to share on Christmas Day.

So there you have our top handmade Christmas jewellery gifts to give this year. From small stocking stuffers to more ornamental statement pieces, there is something here for everyone.



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