Expected Jewellery Trends In 2022

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As we bid farewell to the bright lights of Christmas and welcome in the new year with anticipation, Aquila Jewellery looks ahead to the top jewellery trends for 2022 with 80s-inspired, chunky, bold, statement pieces dominating the looks.

Trust us, it is going to be a colourful year!


The Choker

Chokers are jewellery items that have danced in and out of fashion with frequency throughout the decades. And 2022 proves this is no different. Whether it’s textured gold, beaded or chunky faux diamond, chokers command attention as one of the latest jewellery trends to hit the new year.

Bold colours are in so why not try this chunky acrylic choker from Dovepreciousthings for a handmade jewellery piece that ticks the bold and bright boxes too. The choker trend of 2022 has no limits to how creative you want to get, so play with your personal style to make it work for you.



Body chains

There is a chance you purchased a body chain when they were in fashion back in the day because you thought they looked great on all the navel-baring, jeans-wearing pop figures of the ‘90s. If like us, you never actually wore it, 2022 presents an opportunity to fish it out of your jewellery box and put it to fashionable use.

According to Cosmopolitan, skinny or chunky, gold or silver body chains are the look to go for. The chains on the runways have been seen to extend over the neck and shoulder, stomach and/or anywhere else on the torso. Chain belts with charms are also making a comeback with large links and even larger charms.

Body chains hang effortlessly off the body and present something of an exotic and boho look with their drapes of precious metal creating a layered effect across the body. This delicate and minimal silver body chain from SunshineyStore fits the bill nicely.

Build on the look with a beautiful handmade silver anklet if you are planning on showing off your jewellery with swimwear.

Upper arm cuffs 

Another blast from the past, these cuffs are designed to lightly curl around the upper arm (bicep). People are wearing them with short sleeved tops and even over long sleeved tops. Everyone is talking about this must-have item with metal, leather, resin, plastic or really any kind of material hitting the mark. 

If unique handmade silver jewellery is your thing, embrace a vintage Indian style arm cuff from JagathaStudio, with silver inspiration from around the world for a different look to the masses.

A Handful of Statement Rings

Decorate your fingers with an array of colourful rings, says Elle, who predict that getting your hands on a range of statement rings, all worn at the same time, will be a top jewellery trend for 2022. You can still be dedicated to the look without weighing yourself down so go lightweight with these fun chunky resin rings from Libralaluna, a great example of unique handmade jewellery that pops.

One of our bestselling rings, Kerala is a handmade 925 oxidised sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil piece. It is a chunky 10mm in width and a stunning statement piece for those that want to wear the latest handmade jewellery trends in 2022 with a more boho edge. Complete the look with additional handmade silver jewellery on your fingers, wrists and ears.



Earthy materials

Natural materials and gemstones are in for 2022, so opt for handmade jewellery that is designed using seashells, wood, turquoise stones and crystals. The larger the stone and the louder the material, the better. Try this natural, handmade moon stone pendant necklace from CeylonClassic for a statement piece that comes from the earth.

Stacking - everything

Whatever you choose to wear, go over and extra on your usual look. Fashion thrives on extremes, and the latest jewellery trends for 2022 are no different. Chunky bracelets stacked on the wrist, a multitude of necklaces worn at once and huge, structural earrings are the top jewellery trends in the new year. It is an opportunity to experiment and have fun with your jewellery collection where the only rule is ‘more is less’.

All in all

That rounds up our summary of the top jewellery trends for 2022. So remember, whether it’s a loud choker, statement rings or stacked bracelets, the new year is all about embracing and celebrating a maximalist approach to jewellery. Whatever you choose to wear, stack it and style it your way.

Do you have any trend recommendations for handmade jewellery in 2022? Let us know in the comments below.


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