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Mixing up your Metals

Posted by Stacey Hodkinson on

Are you a gold or silver person?

Well, we believe you can be both, and this is why our core range brings a blend of silver and 18k gold together to work in perfect harmony.

We are proud to say that we created our mixed metal pieces long before the emerging trends of stacking mixed metal rings and layering hoops showed up. It's a wonderful fusion of two precious metals that isn't for everyone, especially if your'e one of those people that prefers everything to match!

On the otherhand, if unique is your thing and you're looking into mixing metals in your engagement and wedding rings, or you're simply looking for a stand out accessory full of contrast and individuality, mixed metal jewellery brings the perfect balance of cool and warm tones and will suit any skin tone that dares to try it.

Influenced by an age old Indonesian technique of silversmithing called Jawan, each Aquila piece has been carefully handmade in a style unique to our range.

We love our range of mixed metal jewellery, take a look here for inspiration. And if it's too much, our more minimal range of silver hammered jewellery restores the calm! 

Leave a comment and let us know which you prefer? 

Intricate designs, inspired by the world, created for you.

Aquila jewellery xx 

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