Handmade Wedding Rings

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When we created Aquila Jewellery, our target was not the wedding market. Who wants to compete with the likes of Tiffany?! 

Wedding rings are for the premium market, we thought. For diamonds and for all things sparkly, we thought.

However, we soon realised that not everyone is looking for a traditional diamond ring and that there's actually a place for unique handmade wedding rings too.

We started receiving orders from across the world to mark these special occasions. it was quite an emotional time for us when we realised this! To our surprise, we learnt that our pieces were being chosen due to their earthy and unique nature. 

We soon realised that people are actually looking for unique pieces, representative of personality and experiences rather than stature. We think this is beautiful.

If you are a someone who shapes their own journey in life, you may find that our range resonates with you too.

We also believe that love doesn't cost the earth, so why do your wedding rings need to? 

Our range is unique and intricately designed to mix n' match and compliment your inner boho. Made from quality 925 silver and 18k gold our very skilled silversmiths apply a traditional  Indonesian technique called jawan to produce the detail that you can see on each ring.

The collection is inspired by different destinations, Brighton, Sydney, Ella and Ubud to name a few. The design encapsulates the curvatures of either the landscape or the architecture which these places are renown for, from the luscious mountainous backdrops of Sri Lanka to the awe inspiring architecture of the Brighton Pavillion (uk) 

Our jewellery is inspired by life's journeys and a lovely way to mark a very special milestone within your own journey.

Our mixed metal collection works really well as promise rings for couples, they can be found here in 4 variations. Often purchased as his and hers or hers and hers and can be made to fit, given the right timeframe. 

Please contact us for a personalised service or if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help. 

 The Aquila Jewellery Team xx


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