We’re Shining a Light on Green Beauty This Earth Day

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With Earth Day fast approaching on the 22nd of April, we’ve come up with ways we can embrace green beauty to mark the occasion. 

In this blog, we’ve put together a list of the five best eco-friendly and sustainable green beauty brands that champion green beauty and caring for the planet. 

From 100% natural ingredients to recyclable packaging and refillable containers, making a difference on Earth Day has never been so natural (or easy).

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a global event celebrated annually on April 22nd. It serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental protection and the need for sustainable practices. 

This day provides an opportunity for individuals, organisations, businesses, and governments to come together and raise awareness about the pressing issues facing our planet.

It’s a chance to say we care.

Why celebrate Earth Day?

Celebrating Earth Day is important because it allows us to reflect on the impact our actions have on the planet. It also encourages us to make simple yet positive changes. 

There are plenty of ways to participate in Earth Day and show our commitment to preserving the earth for future generations, so why not join us taking part!

How to celebrate Earth Day?

How you feel about the earth is personal. So choosing how you want to spend Earth Day is also down to you as an individual or your business.

The good news is that there are a lot of options when it comes to making conscious choices in our daily lives that can have a positive impact on the world around us. 

Let’s have a look at a few options:

  • Take part in educational activities and events that promote environmental awareness. Some attend workshops and lectures to learn more about the facts. 
  • Embrace nature with a walk that focuses on topics such as biodiversity, climate change, and sustainable living. Walks are the perfect way to connect with nature in a real, tangible way.
  • Doing a quiz with friends or family can be a fun way of involving people of all ages.
  • Participate in cleanup initiatives or volunteering for environmental organisations. Cleaning up pollution, planting trees, or joining community garden projects are concrete actions that help minimise our ecological footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

At Aquila, we’ve chosen to focus on green beauty for Earth Day; a complimentary industry to ours, also championing sustainability with eco-friendly products. 

What is green beauty?

Green beauty refers to beauty products and practices that take a health-first stance through sustainability, and environmental consciousness

The term can mean different things to different people, but generally, it means the use of natural and organic ingredients, ethical sourcing (cruelty-free) and production methods, and eco-friendly packaging. A good example is Lush.

Green beauty has lots of benefits for the environment compared to single-use beauty products that end up in landfills. 

Here is a quick overview of the benefits:

  • Sustainable packaging, refills and bulk options help to reduce packaging and product waste.
  • Sourcing sustainable ingredients means a lower environmental impact than if synthetic chemicals were sourced. Fewer emissions, water pollution and soil contamination too.
  • Using natural ingredients helps preserve natural resources and ecosystems, conserving water and energy.
  • Avoiding harmful chemicals that harm the environment and nature when they enter water systems.
  • Prioritising ethical and sustainable practices throughout the supply chain means there is no human, natural or animal exploitation or harm from start to finish. 

By choosing green beauty products you can embrace sustainable and reusable items, leaving a positive legacy.

Five eco-friendly brands you need to know for Earth Day.

We’ve put together five brands that embody Earth Day. And we’ve even matched each brand with the perfect recycled boho jewellery piece to keep it oh-so sustainable.

1.Tata Harper

We love Tata Harper for their 100% natural skincare range complete with vibrant, recyclable, green glass casing (and the use of recyclable plastics). The brand also offers refillable options. This approach helps to reduce the amount of packaging waste that ends up in landfills. 

Jewellery match: Tanna small gold hoops

Celebrate beautiful and natural skin with lightweight, strong and minimal gold vermeil hoops, perfect for every day and all day. Oh, and our gold tone is neutral, so it suits all skin tones. Kiss goodbye to ‘gold doesn’t suit me’...

2. INIKA Organic

This UK-based brand specialises in natural and organic makeup. They offer a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and are fully committed to using organic plant-based ingredients in their makeup formulations. 

NIKA Organic stand out for their high-performing organic makeup products free from harsh chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients.

Jewellery match: Agonda Large Gold Pendant

Match glowing, bronzed skin with the golden glow of gold vermeil. This pendant will bring out the earthy tones of Organic Baked Mineral Bronzer for the perfect boho makeup and jewellery match.

3. PHB Ethical Beauty

PHB Ethical Beauty is a UK-based brand that offers a wide range of vegan, cruelty-free makeup and skincare products. They focus on natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

This brand uses products free of harmful chemicals, palm oil, and synthetic fragrances, and they ensure they use recyclable packaging and support fair trade practices.

PHB Ethical Beauty is unique because they are a social enterprise, and a portion of their profits goes towards supporting charitable causes.

Jewellery match: Mixed metal Mandalay ring

We think the silky set of 4 eyeshadows (peaches, pinks and purples) is the ideal match for our gold and silver chunky ring. 

The eyeshadows bring warmth and shimmer to your eyes with a rustic glow, whilst our ring catches the eye with its warm gold and lustrous silver. 

4. Lily Lolo

This mineral makeup brand focuses on clean, natural ingredients. They offer a range of cruelty-free and vegan-friendly cosmetics and use high-quality ingredients in their formulations. Their packaging materials are also sustainable.

What makes Lily Lolo stand out is how their products are very lightweight, provide excellent coverage and are famed for their long-lasting wear. They sell foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, and lip products. 

Jewellery match: Hammered Silver Cuff

Partner the pastel pink of the Au Natural lipstick with our hammered silver bracelet for an ideal pairing of cool tones, whatever the weather (or season).

5. BYBI Beauty

Based in the UK, this skin and makeup brand’s niche is natural and sustainable beauty products. Their vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics are also housed in eco-friendly packaging material.

The brand is outspoken when it comes to clean beauty standards and supports ethical sourcing practices as part of its values.

BYBI Beauty is famous for their innovative formulations and advocates both sustainability and performance (effectiveness, quality, and results for the user).

Jewellery match: Agonda solid gold ring

A match made in heaven is the Strawberry Booster hydrating serum and our solid gold ring. Both are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

Our sustainable values

Whilst we know there is still more to do, we strive to make a positive impact on the planet by incorporating sustainable practices into every aspect of our business. 

Recycled metals

We’re now a brand that sells only recycled metal pieces

This is a huge plus for the planet, as doing so reduces the need for extracting and processing raw materials through mining, and helps conserve natural resources. No habitats are destroyed and the land and soil do not suffer. 

It’s also beneficial to the environment because the recycling metal process consumes far less energy compared to producing metal from virgin ore. The result? Far less greenhouse gas emissions. A win for climate change. 

Finally, recycling metal diverts metal waste from landfills. And we all know that’s a great thing.

Biodegradable and recyclable packaging

We understand the environmental impact of traditional plastic packaging and aim to minimise it. Instead, we opt for biodegradable materials that break down naturally without harming the environment. 

We also use recyclable packaging. Our uncoated kraft paper packaging is not only recyclable but also easily compostable. This packaging option helps us reduce waste and minimise our ecological footprint. 

We also use cotton bags which are undyed. So no nasties in our packaging.

Working with supplier on the RJC

We work with suppliers on the RJC list. They are a globally recognised organisation and standards body that has been formed to ensure jewellery is produced responsibly throughout the supply chain.  

All in all…

We hope we’ve inspired you a little bit to get stuck in on Earth Day. Whether it’s going for a walk or buying some green beauty products, here are plenty of ways you can celebrate Earth Day and make a positive impact on our planet. 

By taking small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we can collectively make a big difference and help protect the environment for future generations to enjoy. 

So, let's take this opportunity to reflect on our daily practices and make conscious choices that prioritise the health of our planet. Happy Earth Day!

Are you celebrating Earth Day? If so, what do you have planned?

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